Safe Ground: Vinyl LP


Release date: 24 November, 2023

Sandrayati welcomes you into her beautiful world. On her debut album, ‘Safe Ground’, she offers a profound and mesmerising exploration of identity, love and courage.

As someone who goes where the winds take her, Sandrayati cannot be confined to a singular sound or genre. Swirling around the folk-influenced guitar picking are myriad subtle textures created from synths and other electronic elements. What remains consistent is her intrinsic, tangible connection with nature.

‘’Crafting the songs in this album created a space soft enough to fall into, revealing the intimate pulse of my heart and nourishing the bravery to grow into new earth. As I landed, the songs themselves taught my voice how to nurture this emerging world. Slowly they, along with the many hands of a new community with gratitude to Ólafur Arnalds created a home for me, and now hopefully for you: an offering of Safe Ground.’’ - Sandrayati.

Side A

1. Easy Quiet     
2. Petals To The Fear     
3. New Dawn     
4. Suara Dunia     
5. Found     

Side B
1. Vast     
2. Smoke     
3. Segala Baru     
4. Bending Birch     
5. Holding Will Do

Vinyl LP
Decca Records